My Birthday Trip to See Les Mis!

I haven't posted in a few days at is was my birthday on the 13th!  I decided to have a little break from blogging as I have been posting pretty much every day for 5 months!  

I've had a 13 year long love affair with the musical Les Misérables. When I was younger I had an operation on my eyes and during recovery I found it hard to watch TV.  My Mum rented some CDs from the local library for me to listen to, one of which was the original cast recording of Les Mis. It was then that I fell in love with the musical that is now the longest running in the world!

I have always loved singing and used to have lessons and even took singing exams. I was obsessed with performing in shows ever since my first nativity play. At secondary school I got the amazing opportunity to play Fantine in the youth theatre production, a dream come true!

Me as Fantine!
I have done a lot of Les Mis related stuff. I've watched other local schools productions, read the Victor Hugo book, watched every film that has been made, learnt to play the songs on the piano, sung various songs at auditions, talent shows and productions, got all the CDs and DVDs of shows and anniversary concerts, but the one thing I have never done is see the show on the West End!  Well Nick only bloody went and bought us tickets and a trip to London (keeper!).

We travelled to London on my birthday and had a meal booked with my grandparents, who happened to be in London for their anniversary, and then Les Mis.  We had a nightmare as tubes got cancelled causing massive delays, then we (I mean, I) left the tickets for the show in the hotel room, so we had to go back and get them!  We eventually got to the meal 40 minutes late!  This meant we could only enjoy one course :(

Thai Green Curry

Thai Red Curry
My Grandparents
All of us!
 I took my new camera with us to take some snaps.  I think they came out pretty well, especially the pictures taken at night in the bright West End!

Les Misérables was absolutely incredible.  Even Nick, who admits that he isn't a fan of musicals, LOVED it! I can't even communicate to you how good the show was, the singing was perfect. Daniel Koek played an impeccable Jean Valjean, Tam Mutu was excellent as Javert, hitting some serious low and beautiful notes!  I seriously fell in love with Na-Young Jeon, who played Fantine.  I thought I was immune to the emotion of "I dreamed a dream" but she reduced me to tears with the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard.

My Mum bought us ticket to go on the BBC Broadcasting House Studio tour the next day. This was really fun as well as interactive, I even had a go at reading the news!


On the One Show Set!
Note my little Anchorman twist at the end! It was really fun, and afterwards we were stood outside the radio 1 studios and I met Fearne Cotton!  She was really lovely and stopped for a photo, I look terrible in it!

Nick and I had a great time in London, even though some of it was pretty stressful!  I feel like I have fallen in love all over again with Les Misérables, and can't stop singing all the songs, Nick is even joining in!

L x
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