Chang "Beertail" Recipes

Have you ever heard of a beer cocktail?  Me neither, but thanks to the people at Change Beer, Thailand's most popular beer, I can bring to you a range of beer based cocktails.  They sent me their cocktail kit with everything I need to create my own beertails! You can read my review of Chang Beer here

Full Moon

This fun drink will remind those who have visited Thailand’s legendary Full Moon parties of fun times. It is very simple to produce and can be scaled up for use in a punch style drink that could be made at dinner parties.

You will need-

100ml Chang Beer
25ml Mekong Whisky
25ml lime Juice
15ml grenadine
50ml pineapple juice
Garnish: Orange wheel, mint and cherries


Build into a bucket over cubed ice. Add more Chang if your bucket is too big!


This drink is essentially a fairly simple sour. It is light and refreshing to match the Chang Beer used and a great palate cleanser between courses.

You will need:
80ml Chang Beer
25ml Mekong whisky
15ml fresh lemon Juice
10ml fresh orange juice
15ml gomme
A dash of celery bitters
Garish: scored lime wedge, orange zest and mint


Add all ingredients except Chang to a cocktail shaker. Shake hard, double strain into a tall glass and top with Chang.

The Bishop

A versatile all year round drink!

You will need:

150ml Chang Beer
100ml fresh pressed apple juice
A dash of aromatic bitters
A grate of fresh nutmeg
10ml gomme (if warm)
Garnish: Apple fan


Bishops are served in half pint glasses. They can be made either hot or cold. If cold add all the ingredients from the fridge into a chilled half pint glass. If warm add all ingredients to a pan, warm on the stove and serve into a mug.

My Thai Michilada

This savoury number is a twist on the mexican beer cocktail the Michilada, which translated means “my cold beer”. The perfect match for savoury food and bery en vogue in the beverage world.

You will need:

200ml Chang
A dash of soy sauce
A dash of Lea & Perrins
A pinch of fresh ginger
Two dashes of Tabasco
5ml gomme syrup
The juice of half a lime
Garnish: Horses neck orange zest


Build in a chilled tall glass.
The grain & grape

A twist on the classic grain and grape cocktail, this one’s for the gourmands out there. A little bit more effort to make but well worth it!

 You will need:
30ml Chang Beer syrup
25ml Caorunn gin
25ml Muscat dessert wine
Two dashes of orange blossom water
Garnish: Lemon zest


Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass and serve in a chilled 5½ oz coupette

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L x

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