Review: Filini Restuarant

About 6 months ago we got a Groupon to visit Filini Restaurant in Bristol for a fine dining experience. We didn't rerally know what to expect, but when we ate there we were absolutely amazed by how good it was. Every mouthful that Nick had made his eyes roll into his head in absolute bliss. When we went back to Bristol, of course going back to Filini was high on our list of things to do.

We went on a Saturday evening, and it was surprisingly quiet. Attached to the Raddison Blu hotel in the centre of Bristol, it is a really nice setting with low lighting and candles. To add to the romance there was even a live pianist twinkling out some delicate jazz, a lovely touch.

Nick went for a squid salad to start. A bed of lettuce and olives with various bits of squid scattered on top. The majority of the squid was unfortunately overdone, rubbery and chewy. There was a nice flavour to the squid and it was complemented by the salad and dressing making it edible, but disappointing, especially as it was £7.95.

I had Deep-fried mozzarella ‘carrozza’ for my starter. It was really nice; a kind of posh cheese toasty with melted mozzarella in the middle and tomato. I really enjoyed it but is was a little nothingy. We were both disappointed by the starters, which immediately got us concerned about our mains!

We enjoyed our meals so much last time that we found it hard to decide whether to just have the same, or try something different. Nick went with the second option and had a char-grilled rib eye steak.  This was the most expensive option on the menu at £19.95 and was just served with root veg, which was beetroot and some suede and a quarter of a potato served on the same salad as the squid. I know that it says char-grilled, but the outside was just burnt. Nick requested it to be medium rare, and the middle was indeed medium rare, but the rest was well done and the taste of the steak was entirely overshadowed by the taste of the charred outside. It didn't say the size of the steak on the menu, but I would say it was probably around 8oz and the fact that you didn't really get anything with it other than a few vegetables really did not make it worth the price at all.

I opted to go with the same thing that we last time, pork wrapped in pancetta with wild mushrooms. It appears that the mushrooms had been dropped from this option, and last time it was a big cut that was so tender and flavoursome. This time it was a long, thin, flavourless chewy bit of pork. It was really tough and I think that you could probably find something better in your local Wetherspoons, such a let down. Even looking back at the picture, it looks unappetising with a real lack of presentation

All in all, we were very disappointed that our high hopes had been dashed, and we vowed that we wouldn't go back there again. A nice setting but the food was just not up to scratch, especially for the price they were charging!

Food ** Service *** Atmosphere ****
L x
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