An Evening of Greed at The Queens Court Hotel

Continuing with their exploration of the seven sins, the Queens Court Hotel invited us to delve into the world of 'greed', with a delicious 6 course taster menu combined with an evening of exciting horse racing.  I have heard great things about their restaurant, The Olive Tree, but have never eaten there before so was really excited by this evening!

When we arrived we were introduced to the guests on our table who were really friendly and welcoming, and was also coincidently mainly made up of men called Nick!  We took our seats and we were told about the evening ahead.  In between each course, a random horse race was played on the screen.  There were 8 horses in each race, 6 races in total with various names to choose.  Bets were £1 each and we could bet as many times as we wanted, meaning the possibilities were endless! All the money went into a pot and was split out between however many people backed that horse. Some people spread their bets, and others chose to put £5 on 1 horse, but either way it was still exciting!  The first race was very subdued, with just a few cheers.  A lady on our table won the first race, and was luckily the only person that picked it, meaning she won nearly £50!

Our first course was served, Spring roll of confit leg, rillette and tea smoked breast of duck served with soy and honey reduction.  This was absolutely incredible, and a real taste of what was to come.  The duck was delicious and the spring roll was cooked to perfection. The soy reduction has a powerful flavour and just complemented every flavour on the plate.

The next race was under way, and I won a £7 share, meaning I had even more to bet with! Our next course was promptly delivered, a red pepper and lentil soup.  It was delicious, and also tasted really meaty.  A great little treat to have to prepare us for more racing!  This time Nick won, more drinks!

Our next course was ceviche of monkfish with wild rocket and coriander salsa.  I was a little worried as I am not a fan of fish, but this was really nice. This fish was served cold and went well with the sharpness and crisp flavour of the salad and salsa. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

As drinks were flowing the horse racing was getting more and more exciting and people were getting heavily involved with shouting and cheering! Next was a pallet cleanser, ready for the main event. Mango sorbet with a coconut cream, fresh and zesty and really enjoyable.

We then tucked into a roast roulade of pork stuffed with pancetta bacon and sage served with fondant potatoes, French beans & calvados jus.  It was presented beautifully, just as every other course.  The pork was cooked to perfection and deliciously tender. The stuffing inside was so flavoursome and set the dish off. The calvados jus had such a rich lush flavour, I just wish their was more of it!

We were nearing the end of the meal and the tension was building as we came towards the final race.  To put an extra twist on it, they offered the option to "buy" a horse at auction.  This means that you take the full put of everyone they bought horses, and this made over £109 up for grabs!  We also had the normal betting, and I bet on every horse to try and make some money back.  This paid off and I got £13 back for my £8 bet!  The atmosphere was now electric, I have never heard so much cheering and there was a nail biting finish!

We topped the evening off with a Vanilla panna cotta with roasted Brazilian figs in a honey and cinnamon syrup.  This was absolutely incredible, and a great end to the proceedings!  Deliciously creamy and full of flavour, but the real star for me was the cinnamon syrup, sweet and a great new dimension on the panna cotta.
We both had a brilliant evening, and agreed that the food was outstanding, and everything so well presented.  The addition of the racing meant the the meal was well paced so every mouthful could be enjoyed, and created and electric atmosphere, and meant we came home with a few extra pennies on top of our great evening. We can't wait to go back and sample some more of their food, I can't speak highly enough of it!

L x
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