Review: Stapleton yoghurt

Stapleton was founded by Peter and Carol Duncan in 1975 on what was a traditional family dairy farm near Torrington in North Devon. Their first 'factory' consisted of a disused cow shed and a couple of milk churns, and they admit that it was pretty low tech!  They are still based on the same farm, but have upgraded to the 21st century and have a modernised production facility. They are a fully independent British company, contributing to the economy of Devon and employing around 35 people, and only use milk from the nearest dairy farms. Their business has grown and they are suppliers to all of the UKs major supermarkets so their yoghurt and ice cream is available to customers right across the UK, and not just near me in Devon.

They sent me a wide range of their flavours to try!

25% Fruit range
Each pot is bursting with 25% real fruit – more than any other brand. Their fruit compotes are all prepared on site and stirred in by hand, avoiding unnecessary mechanical processing. While the entire Devon Farmhouse range yogurt is made with rich milk from a local herd of Jersey cows, three of the five flavours contain just 0.5% fat. And all of the flavours are 100% delicious!

Strawberry & Clotted Cream -Lovely chunks of strawberries with a delicious creamy texture and flavour.
Gooseberry- A rich creamy yogurt, with the sourness of the gooseberries that it is filled with.  Big chunks throughout and full of flavour.
Raspberry- A rich creamy, thick yogurt with a nice sharp fresh taste as if I had bitten into a handful of raspberries, smooth but with small chunks of fruit and seedy bits.
Nectarine & Passion Fruit- Normal passion fruit flavoured things always seem to taste synthetic and artificial, but you can tell that this is natural flavour and perfectly balanced between both fruits.
Apple & Blackcurrant- Reminds me of a lovely crumble, sharp and sweet and packed with flavour.

Anytime Range
This versatile range can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Stapleton’s original Natural Yogurt is low in fat without compromising on flavour. Its silky texture and balanced taste make it the perfect accompaniment to sweet and savoury dishes, as well as a wholesome snack in its own right. Containing nothing but rich cows’ milk, it is an entirely natural product. At less than 1/% fat, it can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.

Fig & Date - An unusual yoghurt flavour, but flavoursome and enjoyable on the pallet.  This is best to enjoy on its own.
Prune & Date- Similar to the fig, an usual yet successful flavour combination

Greek Recipe range
Stapleton’s Greek Recipe range is luxuriously thick and smooth and uses flavours that evoke the simple but delicious cuisine of Greece. Made according to the same principles as the rest of Stapleton’s yogurt products, the Greek Recipe range contains nothing artificial and achieves its consistency without any thickeners.

Greek Recipe Natural -  I had this with some raspberry granola and it went really well.  It is extra thick and creamy and completely delicious!
Lemon Curd- Creamy, lemony and the perfect sweet and savoury combination with just the right amount of sweetness.
Vanilla Greek- Traditional, and this definitely doesn't disappoint.

All of these flavours are absolutely delicious, on their own or with other products. Knowing that it is a local company that only uses local milk is really satisfying and enhanced my enjoyment.

Find them online here

L x
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