Review: Metcalfe's Skinny

Metcalfe's Skinny aim to create healthier alternatives to snacks such as cakes, crisps and cookies.  After experimenting with different flavours they discovered the perfect recipe for popcorn that is full of flavour, but with no more than 120 calories per pack, except their cheeky chocolate crackle which has a little more in.

They have also created a range of tortillas that are flash griddled, crunchy corn crisps with 30% less fat that the average tortilla crisp, with only 132 calories per pack.

I have been sent some of their sweet and salt, sea salt, wasabi glaze, sweet cinnamon spice, heat and sweet and chocolate crackle to try.

Sweet & Salt:-  The classic mixture of sweet and savoury, you never quite know what you're going to get!  I loved shovelling in a few just to get the flavour combination. They were equally full of flavour, and tasted that bit better knowing that they were low in calories.

Sea Salt:-  These were the lowest in calories, and tasted great.  Just the right balance of sea salt so that it wasn't to moreish.  My packet had even fewer calories than any other as soon after they were opened, my colleagues spotted them and swooped in!

Cinnamon:- This was another popular flavour amongst me and my colleagues! A lovely cinnamon flavour with a hint of butter that complemented it well. This bag didn't remain full for very long, which is always a good sign!

Heat n Sweet:- A lovely sweet chilli coated corn. Not a traditional corn flavour, but still really enjoyable.  There was a subtle hint of lemon in this as well, which set it all off for me.

Wasabi:-  These weren't as spicy as I was expecting, but still had a bit of a kick to them.  They had a slight green colour, which I liked as well as the flavour.

Chocolate Crackle:- While these are the highest calories at 220, in my opinion they taste the nicest as well (why is that always the way?) The chocolate has almost a toffee flavour to it as well, making them delicious and addictive.  These went down a treat in my office, with the girls coming back for more and more!

Check them out online here

L x
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