Review: Deli Farm Charcuterie

Deli Farm Charcuterie is one of the UK’s leading producers of British air dried charcuterie and since starting in 2006 have one multiple awards for their products, year upon year. All of their products are made to their own  recipes that they have carefully developed using traditional methods.  They provide meat for many of the top chefs in the UK and delicatessens, & farm shops throughout the country.

I have been sent a varied selection of samples of their products to try for myself and as soon as they arrived I couldn't wait to tuck in!

Salami with fennel & anise - This had such an enticing smell and a rich meaty flavour to match.  It is peppery and the strong aniseed tastes from both the fennel and anise shines through on the pallet.

Smoked Lamb prosciutto - Deliciously smoky flavour and glorious thin slices which were as tender as they are delicious.  I have never experienced lamb in this way, and would definitely eat it again.

Oak smoked paprika Salami- Again this had a rich smoked flavour and you can taste the paprika, which I love. I had it with some smoked cheese for extra smoke! I was expecting it to be similar to chorizo but it had its own flavour

Cornish bresaola- This was made from beef sirloin and is in really thin slices which are packed full of rich beef flavour. It had a saltiness, and I really enjoyed it.

Venison salami- A strong gamey flavour that was rich and wholesome and the smell made my mouth instantly water. I wanted more of this!

Cornish Salami with black olives - I love olives but Nick Hates them but we both enjoyed this. The Salami flavour has is peppery with a slight hint of olives, and a strong after-taste that stayed on your tongue. 

Lomo- Thin slices of cured pork with a rich salty flavour that was really enjoyable. This is the type of thing that I could just nibble on all night with some wine

Cornish coppa- This is delicious and again has a rich pork taste, and went well with some cheese as well as on its own. 

Spiced chorizo- lovely high quality chorizo flavour, better than anything you could buy in a supermarket, and the spices really bring out the flavour of the chorizo.

These meats were all so nice, and I only had a small sample of each and every different one left me wanting more. 

You can find Deli Farm Charcuterie here

L x
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