Review: Cawston Press Sparking Drinks

Cawston have been making quality pressed apple juice at Cawston Press since 1986, and now offer eight award-winning, beautifully-balanced blends.  They are passionate about creating the highest quality product possible.

Although they are known primarily for their apple juice blends, they have recently launched their new range of fizzy drinks.  They are all completely natural, no additives, no nasties and a huge amount of actual juice.

All apples are pressed within 48hrs of being picked to ensure freshness, and they never use concentrate. The drinks are perfect for the 'AFE' (alcohol-free evening) or the Designated Driver slot.  There's Sparkling Apple, Lemon and Lime, Ginger Beer (a unique take on classic, which also features lemon and a hint of chilli for extra 'bite') and the amazing/unique Apple & Rhubarb.

Sparkling Cloudy Apple-  A lovely sweet apple juice flavour, with a lovely sparkle. I find that the addition of the sparkling water makes this a lot more thirst quenching than a normal apple juice, and brings a new dimension. With no added sugar and being made for 75% pressed fruit, this really is a delicious drink to enjoy during the day time or even on a sober night out!

Sparkling lemon & lime- This is a zesty tangy twist on your normal lemonade. Made from the juice of Sicilian lemons and limes blended with sparkling water and apple juice. This really has a nice kick to it but is really easy to drink, and has a fresh summary citrusy taste and is really really refreshing. I think this is miles better that lemonade, and a lot better for you as well!

Apple & Rhubarb- A lovely naturally sweet rhubarb flavour mixed again with the sparkling water and rhubarb juice. With flavours reminiscent of the childhood rhubarb and custard sweets, this really is a pleasantly enjoyable drink. This is made with 40% juices and is just naturally refreshing.

Ginger Beer- A spicy little number, which would be nice with a drop of spiced rum if you want it even spicier. This is a perfect winter warmer on a cold day and it is packed with health benefits of ginger. It is 45% pressed ginger mixed with apples and sparkling water. I often find that ginger beers can be over powering, but this has a nice subtle flavour that leaves a tingle on the pallet.

You can find their full product range online, and I recommend you take a look here

L x

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