Valentines Gifts: Cadbury Love Heart

Cadbury was founded almost 200 years ago, and have been making their popular milk chocolate ever since and now have a massive range available.

The Cadbury ‘with love’ chocolate boxes come in two perfectly packaged sizes; a sharing box and a personal box.  They are available in all major super markets and make a great little something to give your special someone.

As it is Cadbury, you know it is a name you can trust, and they don't disappoint with this little selection. Traditional British Cadbury milk chocolate surrounding some hazelnut praline is the perfect combination and a lovely little treat.  Not only is it in a heart shaped box, but each chocolate is heart shaped so you can really show your love!  I think these are absolutely great, and this box is only £1.50 and the larger box is £4.00 which means it is delicious and totally affordable, no excuse not get get your valentine at least a little something!

L x
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