Valentines Gift: Prestat Chocolates

Prestat Chocolates and Truffles have been enjoyed for over 100 year by Kings and Queens, Sultans and Maharajas, Princesses and President, Stars of Stage and Screen – indeed by anyone who delights in the pleasure that only the finest chocolate brings.  They can even boast that the creator of Charlie and the chocolate factory himself was a fan of their delicious hand crafted chocolates, Roald Dahl.

With valentines day around the corner, they have created a range of love themed chocolates, and I was lucky enough to get my hand on one of their boxes to try for myself.

Beautifully presented in a heart shaped box this little selection of goodies looks great, a perfect way to show the person that you love just how much you care!  As soon as you open the box you can see just how beautiful the chocolates look- almost too good to eat, but don't worry, I forced myself!

This box contains Rice Crisp Nougat, Dark Chocolate Truffle and a Passion Fruit Fondant, but they come in various sizes with more chocolates in each.  You can tell just by looking at the chocolates themselves how much care and attention has gone into making them, and this really shows through in the taste as well.  The chocolate is really rich and delicious.  The truffle is luxuriously smooth and the passion fruit is beautifully sweet and compliments the chocolate well.  They really are delicious, although I recommend getting a bigger box as with only 3 it leaves you wanting more!

To view their full product range and pick something for your love, find them online here. This box is £6.50

L x
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