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Degustabox is a subscription service that find the best new food products by leading well-known brands and deliver them directly to you!  The beauty of this service is that you never quite know what you are going to get, meaning that every month when you box arrives between 25th-30th of the month it is always a pleasant surprise.  Degustabox was founded in 2012 by J├╝rgen Schnatterer and Oriol Blasco in Barcelona and due to its success, they have now started offering their service in the UK.  The beauty of this is that there are no long term commitments, so you can surprise yourself as many or as little times as you would like.  I couldn't wait to try this for myself.

So the day came, and my box was delivered through Royal Mail. I opened it straight away to looked at what I'd got.
At the top there were some vouchers for other services, including a beer box (I don't like beer!) some money of Amy's Kitchen, and 2 recipe cards as well.  I think this is a really nice touch. 

Maggi®’s So Juicy and So Tender range of recipe mixes are the perfect answer to those tricky mid-week meals. It is basically a seasoning mix, and comes with a bag to cook everything to keep in all the juices and flavours!  It was really simple to do, with great results!  I have used the sticky BBQ so far and it was delicious and as the title says, leaves the chicken very juicy! You can find out more about them on  their website.

Quinoa Mothergrain Express is the perfect way to enjoy quinoa and save time! Ready cooked, they can be enjoyed cold as part of a salad or quickly reheated for be included as part of a hot meal. Organic and Fairtrade, Quinoa Mothergrain Express have won 4 Great Taste awards. I used mine with some roasted vegetables and feta cheese. You can find out more about them on their website

Jules Destrooper have supplied the biscuits they have been baking for 125 years! They have been producing their golden Butter Crisp biscuits using the original 19th century family recipe, using rich summer butter and a secret blend of spices. These are delicious and buttery and great on their own.  Because of their wafer texture I cheekily had some with some ice cream, and they were equally delicious! You can find out more about them here

Zico Coconut Water, with chocolate! It is made from 85% coconut water (from concentrate) and a natural chocolate flavour. Zico Chocolate is an excellent low calorie option with great hydrating qualities.  It had a really strong chocolatey smell, but the taste wasn't quite as strong. It was an interesting flavour, and very thirst quenching. Find out more on their website

Amy's Kitchen chunky tomato soup.  This is a massive 3 of your 5 a day, and created with their home recipe. It is organic, gluten free and delicious.  It really was nice and packed full of vegetables as well as flavour. It was really filling and there was no need to have it with any bread. Have a look at their website

Dorset Cereal's delicious Berry Granola, a heavenly mix of traditionally baked oats and zingy blackberries and raspberries. Using good quality products and all created in Dorset.  I have already written all about Dorset Cereals, including this granola, you can read it here and have a look at their website

GO! Kombucha is the UK's leading raw kombucha tea brand. In celebration of Chinese New Year Degustabox are working with GO! Kombucha to highlight their China White and Golden Yunnan teas which faithfully adhere to the ancient Chinese recipe. Filled with pro-biotic enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is the perfect way to start your New Year invigorated and revitalised! You can look at their website now
Not only are Goody Good Stuff sweeties suitable for Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher diets, they also use high quality ingredients to produce a range of mouthwatering confectionery that are gluten, dairy, soy, nut and high fructose corn syrup free. This months box includes  A bag of their Tropical Fruit and a Sour Mix & Match. These are tasty, and even my boyfriend (a lover of jelly sweets) likes these too. You wouldn't guess they are free from so much! You can find them online here

To order your first surprise box, check out the Degustabox website.  I will also be running a competition for you to win on e for yourself!

Here is what I made with my products:- 

This is my sticky BBQ chicken, thanks to Maggi So juicy.

My JD Butter crisp biscuit with vanilla ice cream and bits of Toblerone... mmmmm

My roasted vegetables mixed with quinoa, it was quick and simple to use and it is ready cooked- and delicious too!

My Dorset Cereals granola with some Greek yoghurt- Tasty!

You can even win a box for yourself just be liking me on Facebook, or following me on Twitter!  See the option on my page.  You must be 18 or over to enter the competition, as well as buy a Degusta Box.

L x
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