Review: Dartmoor Chilli Farm

At Dartmoor Chilli Farm they farm naturally and holistically without the use of herbicides or pesticides and combine nature and hard work to minimise the damage caused by pests.  They are winners of "Best Green Business" at the South West Devon Excellence awards 2010.

They grow over 90 varieties of pepper including sweet, mild, medium, hot and extreme and even offer the plants ready potted for you to try and grow at home.  They also produce 10 different flavours of chilli chocolate and a range of chutneys, sweet chilli sauce and a very hot Dartmoor Dynamite sauce, chilli jelly and chilli jam.  They also grow of rhubarb, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, gooseberries, blackberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, elderflowers and berries, courgettes and aubergines and use all f these ingredients to make their products.

I have some of their chocolate orange chilli chocolate to try!

This has a really deceiving flavour.  By this I mean if you gave this to your friend, they would happily munch down thinking that it was a nice piece of dark chocolate orange, until a few seconds later when you get the after taste of the chilli, giving a great kick!  I have always liked chilli chocolate, since someone gave me some as a joke!  The addition of the orange flavour makes it even more enjoyable, in my humble opinion.   The chilli kick is definitely not too over powering and has a really nice slow burn that encourages you to eat even more.

L x
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