Review: Urban Burger, Exeter

 Urban Burger is a family run, Exeter based restaurant that offer finest quality burgers made with locally sourced Devon meat and offer beef, chicken, and vegetarian burgers, steaks and salads.

As well as their menu of different burgers, they also have a Man v Food challenge! Their Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge consists of:- Seven 6oz burgers, 14 pieces of bacon, and seven slices of American cheese in an organic burger bun, a little salad and two portions of double fried fries.  If you manage to eat it all in 20 minutes or less and get your food for FREE!

I wasn't quite brave enough to take on Man v Food challenge, but did order a lot from the menu!

I ordered a Piggy in the Middle:- Pulled Pork, lettuce, homemade coleslaw, BBQ sauce, Monterey Jack cheese.  I also added an extra burger as well!  Their pulled pork takes 24hrs from start to finish.

Nick had the Smoky Mountain:- Red Ruby Devon beef pattie, salad, BBQ mayo, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, and smoked cheese.

I ordered double fried fries and Nick had cheesy chips and we also had some halloumi and mozzarella sticks as well.

The food was amazing, it really shows in the pulled pork that they have taken such time and care to make it.  It is succulent, juicy and just melts in the mouth.  The burgers are also succulent and delicious.  Nick's had a strong smoky flavor throughout, and he devoured the lot.  The double fried fries were amazing, crunchy and crispy and went down very easily!  The mozzarella and halloumi were cooked perfectly, adding a nice side but the portion sizes were very generous so sides may not have been needed!

The staff were really friendly and nice, and made us feel very welcome and were constantly checking back to make sure we had everything we needed.  The restaurant itself is comfortable and a nice place to sit and eat, but once a lot of people came in it was loud and difficult to hear each other speaking.  We loved it and will be going back again. You can find them online, here

Food *****  Service ***** Atmosphere ****
L x
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