Review: Thomas J Fudges

In 1916 Thomas J Fudge opened a bakery in Dorset.  90 years ago he taught his trade to the current bakers great great grandfather, Percy. It is this part of the family tree that are continuing his original, great work.

Thomas J Fudge create a range of savoury biscuits from pufferies, shards, flats, melts to biscuits for cheese.  They also create a range of sweet treats from flapjacks to chocolate dipped, fruity and florentines.  I was excited to try the ones that I have been sent

Poppy seed and oat flakes- These are flatbread with a strong poppy seed flavour.  They recommend that this works well with cured meats or smoked fish.  They have a great flavour and crisp texture, but individually the flavour is a bit strong and works best as an accompaniment.

Intense and tangy stilton melts- intense cheese flavour and a great texture that, as the title says, melts in the mouth.  I think these would go great with wine and are almost cheese straw like.  I love the texture and these are very Moorish, practically impossible to just eat the one

Pumpkin and sesame flats- These are delicious and crunchy and full of flavour. The shape means that they are perfect to load up with a dip, like hummus or any other tasty  dunkable treat!

Cheese and multi peppercorn flats- These were very peppery, tangy and packed a punch.  I really liked these; it was like eating a delicious peppercorn sauce, but not they are not for the faint hearted as they do pack a punch!

We got some dips and quaffed all the different flavours down, a delicious feast!

L x
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