Review: New By Mouth

Centaur Foods provide distributors and manufacturers with a wide a range of specialist ingredients, all of which represent the optimum combination of quality and value.  They also trade under the company name "New by Mouth" and provide ingredients used by chefs to the serious (and not-so-serious) home cook. They offer ingredients that are used in kitchens of top restaurants throughout the UK and Europe, and as any good chef will tell you, good food can only be created using good ingredients.

From their website you can source, grains and pulses, oils, Middle Eastern cuisine, preserves and nuts, pastas sugars honeys and syrups and more.   I have been sent a selection of their products to try for myself, the perfect snacks.

Artizan Malt Vinegar- They sent me some of their Artisan Malt vinegar, which they say is as far away from your standard chip shop vinegar as is possible.   It is handmade in small batches at The Old Nuclear Bunker in Coverack, Cornwall.   It has a richness and taste like no other.  I have used it in recipes, as well as just being sprinkled on my chips, and it is great with a wonderful powerful flavour.

Roast and salted broad bean chilli- I was expecting these to be spicy, but they have just amount of spice in them for my taste, with a slight after burn.  These are small round broad beans that are crunchy and full of flavour.  They are easily eaten, one after the other until you realise you eaten handful after handful!

Roast & salted jumbo BBQ corn- These went down an absolute treat amongst the girls at the office!  They are large bits of giant corn with a lovely BBQ flavour.  They are very crunchy, so not recommended if you wear braces or have a weak jaw, but they are still delicious.  These are strangely addictive, and between us all we pretty much consumed the whole bag in one evening.  Each individual bit of BBQ corn is coated in lots of flavour, which can leave a residue on your hands (all the better for licking off!)

Roast and salted special soft corn:- These are similar to the larger jumbo counter parts, but a lot easier on the jaw.  The flavour is also very is similar but with a mix of salted and roasted, like a peanut.   The thing I like most about peanuts is the flavour on them, and I don't really like to peanuts themselves, so these are perfect as I like both the flavour and the texture and taste of the corn.

You can find them online here

L x
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