Review: Four Elms Fruit Farm

Four Elms Fruit Farm are growers of a wide range of high quality Devon apples and they are also producers of award winning apple juice which is pressed and bottled in Sidmouth, Devon. They have over 70 acres of apple orchards, producing a variety of quality fruit, including Cox, Egremont Russet, Gala, Braeburn and Bramley.

Each 75cl bottle can contain up to 1 KG of apples! There are no additives to interfere with the taste of their handpicked fine apples. I have one of the Cox, Cox/Bramley and Braeburn apple juices to try. Nick took one sip of these and I pretty much have not seen them since, so he will be writing about them below:-

Whenever I've had apple juice in the past, even 'not from concentrate', it always seems to have the taste of an artificially sweetened apple flavoured water. I knew that this apple juice would be nice, but I didn't realise just how nice! All 3 of the juices had a really natural taste, like biting into an apple. Some apple juices seem to be really sharp, but this was really smooth with an entirely natural sweetness. All 3 of the juices were very similar, with the Cox being the sweetest and the other 2 were a little more subtle.

Four Elms are really local to us and sell form their own shop, but they are also stocked in all Waitrose stores in the South West as well as some other outlets. If you get the opportunity, then I really recommend that you try this! Find them online here

L x
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