Review: Mortimer Chocolate Company

As a girl it is pretty much a obligatory that I love chocolate.   I love cooking with it and finding new recipes, but sometimes have a habit of burning the chocolate! I then discovered Mortimer Chocolate Company, which is the home of award winning, fine chocolate powder.  This is perfect for cooking, and even drinking.

Mortimer Chocolate Company don't add anything to their chocolate powder. No milk, no fats and no additives, just fine, pure, chocolate.  It is perfect to use in baking, as it takes just a few seconds to turn to a rich liquid chocolate when put over some simmering water.

Mortimer Chocolate Company is a family run business, run by Adrian and his wife.  They utilised Felicity's nutritional and culinary expertise and discovered the extent to which quality plain chocolate powders can be used to create an array of different delicious treats, and not just sweet treats!

Adrian has over 20 years' experience with Masterfoods, and at the time of leaving was responsible for creating and managing the Galaxy and Maltesers brands of hot chocolate drinks. Adrian decided he wanted to create his own range and focused on small growers who nurture their cocoa to produce fine quality beans. The cocoa is made into a 100% plain chocolate powder, retaining its unique flavour, with no need for additives. There are many types of cocoa bean which vary in flavour according to the soil, season and region in which they were grown.  Adrian used his experience and knowledge to select cocoas direct from origin to produce a 100% chocolate powder, ideal for making delicious chocolate drinks, so that the consumer could experience and understand the variety of cocoa flavours from around the world.

As well as creating this chocolate powder, their website has a range of different recipes for you to try out, with more and more being added regularly.  I was sent some Ecuadorian dark chocolate powder, west African dark chocolate powder and white couverture powder- a dairy free alternative to white chocolate.

 I decided to follow their recipes and make Chocolate Brownies, White Chocolate Cheesecake and some Melting Moments

The recipes were very easy to follow, and with brilliant results!

Chocolate Brownies

These are absolutely delicious!  You can tell from one mouthful just how high the quality of chocolate used is. The powder literally takes a few seconds to melt into gorgeous glossy liquid, meaning minimal effort.  As the recipe was easy to follow, the brownies turned out perfectly, I think I am going to be popular when I take them to work!

Melting Moments

These are essentially chocolate cookies, rolled in oats.  I didn't have any oats so I rolled mine in oat granola, and they are delicious.  They are light, crispy and as the name suggests, melt in the mouth.  They are really nice, but incredibly moreish!

White Chocolate Cheesecake

This is deliciously rich and flavoursome and the white chocolate is just wonderful! This was the easiest to make and took about 15 mins, plus setting time. The quality of the chocolate again enhances this dish, making it deliciously addictive! I sprinkles some of the dark chocolate powder on top, just for a little extra naughtiness!

The powders were all easy to use, delicious and the recipes easy to follow and definitely utilized the chocolate flavour. I can't wait to experiment and find new ways to use these chocolates, including turning them into a wonderful hot chocolate, perfect for Christmas time!

You can find Mortimer Chocolate Company online here

L x
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