Review: Magic Knife Set

I have had my old knife set for years. Nick is always complaining about how terrible they are, and has been nagging that we need a new set for ages.  After all, we shouldn't have to get RSI from chopping a tomato!

We went to the Exeter Christmas Fair and discovered this product.  We watched the demonstration and then tried them out for ourselves, so meet our new knife set!

Magic Knife is run by a husband and wife team.  They have gained experience working at shows and exhibitions for 10 years, managing stands for a well known company.  They decided to use their experience to branch out and introduce their own range of products.
The reason that the magic knife gets its name is down to the holes in the blade.  According to their website

"When you push the knife forward with very little downward pressure you push air into the food, on hard food like swede and butternut squash you don't get a suction on the knife, therefore easing the effort you have to use. On anything soft, like bread and tomatoes, you use a sawing motion with no downward pressure over the food. This will give you perfect slice of fresh bread and the thinnest slice of tomato."

This means that you no longer need to use a serrated knife to cut a slice of bread, and you only need 2 knifes to complete all of your chopping needs.

We got the set of 2 knives and a sharpener.  I used them for the first time last night to chop potatoes, onion and chicken breast.  The first thing that was most noticeable was when I pulled the knife out of the box and it made a sound similar to pulling a sword out of a sheath- a good sign!

I first chopped an onion with absolute ease!  It was like I was chopping through soft butter!  No pressure was needed, and no sawing motion either.  I moved on to the potatoes, with similar results. Literally no effort was needed to chop my potatoes, and this meant it took no time at all. I have always despised chopping chicken breasts, possibly down to my terrible knives, but I have always found it an arduous task. Not this time. I diced 6 chicken breasts in about 2 minutes flat, with none of that stringy stuff left behind and in perfect sized chunks, I couldn't believe it!!

The knives are very reasonably priced, considering they are the only knives that you will need instead of having to have a full set for different things. They are available to buy on the website, but you can also find them at various shows and exhibitions across the country throughout the year.  I think they need to be seen to be believed!

L x
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