Review: Frandie Macaron

Frandie Macaron was founded by best friends, Francesca Gigg and Andie Stansell from Devon who have a passion for baking and creativeness. They joined forces with Mark Stansell and Frandie Macaron was born!  Once they started creating all of their wonderful varieties and flavours, they just couldn't stop! Their macarons are sweet, indulgent and addictive.

Their flavours include Double Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Meringue, Double Pistachio, Gingerbread Ginger, Turkish Delight, Tangerine, Cinnamon and Apple, and Hazelnut Truffle.

Many other flavours are available, and can be found in different collections and packs, so that you can try them all. Each flavour creates a different experience for everyone - their award winning Classic Collection includes 6 of their favourite macarons.

They also offer a macaron tower which is available in your chosen colours and flavours to suit your needs. The tower can vary in height and size depending on how many guests you would like to treat, or how many macarons you want to eat for yourself!

The lovely people at Frandie Macaron sent me one of their classic collection to try for myself!

For those that don't know; a macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, sugar, almonds and food colouring. As soon as I opened the box there was a smell of sweet tasty goodness. The classic collection contains Double Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Meringue and Double Pistachio.

As soon as I opened the box there was a smell of sweet tasty goodness.

Vanilla- The meringue/biscuit is light and airy with generous amount of vanilla cream in the middle. It has a strong vanilla taste which you can tell is made with real vanilla.  It leaves a lingering taste on tongue and a craving for more!

Strawberries and Cream- This one smells and tastes like summer! I took a big bite and tasted the strawberries and cream, and was then treated to a jam surprise in the middle.  It totally complemented the flavour and made it even more awesome!

Double Chocolate- Rich chocolate flavour with a creamy chocolatey centre. There is definitely no half measures of chocolate, which makes it perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Each bite filled me with delight but also sadness that it was running out!

Salted Caramel- You all know how much I love this flavour combination. With the first bite it is obvious that it is made with real sea salt, and uses a perfectly gooey caramel centre.  The balance between the salt and sweet takes it just off the edge of being too much.  It is no surprise why this is one of their most popular flavours!

Lemon Meringue- When I took a bite of this, for a moment I forgot I was eating a macaron. The zesty lemon tasted so fresh, and the texture of the macaron was like I was eating a slice of lemon meringue pie

Double Pistachio- This is made with Pistachio shells, sprinkled with pistachio pieces and filled with a pistachio butter cream (shouldn't that be triple pistachio?) Not to be eaten if you're not a fan of nuts, but totally nutty yummy goodness with just the right amount of sweet to counteract the nuttiness.

The flavours are so rich and tasty that I struggled to get through them all in one sitting, but a bite of the salted caramel soon sorted that out! You can find Frandie Macaron at various stalls and shows across the country, giving you the perfect excuse to try them!  You can also find them online here.

L x

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