Review: Dorset Cereals

 I've started expanding my exploration of products to outside of Devon.  It was on this hunt that I discovered Dorset Cereals. They make a range of Muesli, Granola and Porridge as well as some pots and bars. They carefully create their recipes by balancing their blends of ingredients, without scrimping, in Poundbury, Dorset

Not only do they focus on making good food, but they also do everything they can to support The Woodland Trust, which is the UK's leading conservation charity. Dorset Cereals have paid for 16,000 trees which will be planted across the UK!  So not only do they look after your tummy, they look after the countryside too!

I have been sent some of their honey porridge sachets, berry granola, oat granola and raisin, cranberries, pineapple and papaya muesli.

I started off by trying some of their porridge.   I work shifts, so often like to eat some porridge toward the end of my day as a nice filling snack.  I never have long on my breaks, so the quicker I can prepare something to eat, the better!  I find porridge quite plain so normally add honey and raisins.  I couldn't wait to try this porridge, as reading the label "a warming blend of jumbo oats, creamy barley and deliciously sweet honey" it sounded like it was just what I was looking for.

It is made from porridge oats, brown sugar with a hint of honey. It is high in fibre, contains whole grains with no added preservatives. I made mine to eat at work today, and just added 160 ml of milk with my sachet. As I forgot to bring my measuring jug that day, I was able to use their handy tip of using the sachet to measure out the milk!  The porridge is sweet, and has tiny date pieces that add extra texture and flavour.  It almost had a cake like taste and the honey adds an extra dimension. The porridge is deliciously creamy, and was made within 3 minutes in the microwave, so as easy to make as it was tasty.  It really was like a nice big hug in a mug, with the perfect level of sweetness.

I enjoyed a bowl of the "perfectly balanced" muesli for my breakfast.  It is a blend of multigrain flakes with delicious chunks of dried fruit.  As the box says "Simple, but then the best things in life usually are".  I have often found with muesli that they can be flavourless other than the, often small, bits of fruit that are added with it, but this was totally different.  The cereals were nice and chunky, and in a perfect ratio with the big chunks of raisins, cranberries, pineapple and papaya.  I really enjoyed it and it filled my up until lunch time - full and satisfied!

Berry granola is a mix of oats, zingy raspberries and blackberries baked in the traditional way to make it loose and crumbly. I ate mine with some natural yoghurt. There is such a high volume of dried fruit that makes a delicious mix, and also has no nuts for those that have allergies. It has low levels of salt and all of the grains and oats help to lower cholesterol - not just tasty food, but good for you too. It was really enjoyable and I will definitely be eating it again!  The Oat Granola was equally nice. A lovely sweet flavour and packed with tasty oats and goodness, I loved both granolas.  As well as them being delicious with milk or yogurt, I think they would be excellent to use in cooking too.  I used them to make some chocolate and oat cookies, and it would be addition to a flap jack mix.
The Dorset Cereals website is packed with loads of information, as well as an opportunity to spin their bottle to win big prizes or packs of their great cereals! They also run a mini blog awards, polls and trivia and lots of other fun stuff to do, definitely worth a look.

L x
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