Homemade Advent Calendar

Now I know this isn't strictly food related, but I am pretty proud of it nonetheless.  I never normally do anything for Christmas, but I have decided this year that I am going to go all out.  I have never had any Christmas decorations since leaving home 8 years ago, and I have never done the proper roast dinner thing, which is odd because I love them!  Anyway, this year I am doing the lot.  From the Christmas tree and decorations down to the cheesy Christmas jumper, carols, mulled wine, THE LOT!

For part of this I decided that I wanted to make Nick an advent calendar.  Now I have never been any good at making things. I was rubbish at art and textiles in school, but I always quite liked making stuff.  It was only the teachers criticising what I had worked really hard on that disheartened me.  "Latoyah has good ideas but isn't very good at implementing them"...

I had an idea of making this advent calendar out of toilet rolls and tissue paper.  This would give me enough room to fill each hole with a tasty treats.  I had been saving my toilet rolls and set to work making it last week.

The idea was that it would be in the shape of a christmas tree, but I couldn't get 25 rolls to fit into a decent pyramid, so I decided to make a few in to baubles.  I planned the shape out, and it all looked good to me!  I then used PVA Glue and stuck green tissue paper around each roll, and for the baubles I used gold tissue paper.

Another reason that I was never that good at making things was my short attention span, normally as soon as I started I got bored and wanted to do something else instead!  But I was making this because I chose to, not because I had to!

After I had covered all of the toilet rolls I cut out lots of circular disks and numbered them.  These would be the cover and the flap that is lifted to reveal the treats underneath.  I used glitter for the numbers, Christmas twinkle!

I then stuck everything together in the Christmas tree shape and filled it up with treats.  With Nick being a sweet lover I managed to get something that I know he loves to go behind every door!

I then stuck the doors over the front of each and there we have it:- one advent calendar made!  I think it took me about 3 hours, although sadly it doesn't looks as though that much time has gone into it :( Behind number 25 is a little clue for Nick's first Christmas present!  I don't think it looks too bad for my first attempt of making something since school?!

L x
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