Recipe: Toad in the Hole & Roast Potatoes

One of my favourite meals of all time.  Proper good hearty winter warming food. I am serving it with roast potatoes because I love them and will eat them at every opportunity!  I am serving mine with a lovely onion gravy.

I am quite proud of my batter mix, it always turns out really well and always rises massively.

You will need:-
For the toad in the hole:-

2 Eggs
(I will explain more about the quantities in a moment...)
6 Good Quality sausages.  

Roast Potatoes:-

Potatoes, peeled and chopped to roast shapes, enough to fill your roasting tin.

So, first things first I make the batter. This needs to be left at room temperature for a good 30 mins. The reason that I haven't given specific amounts for flour and eggs is because it relies on how much liquid is in your 2 eggs.

To make the batter

Crack your eggs into a measuring jug and see how many ml you have.  In my case it was 150ml. Add eggs to your bowl.

Measure out the same amount of ml in milk and add the the bowl, so in my case that was 150ml of milk.

Repeat with the flour, so for me 150ml of flour.  Sift into the bowl.

Mix ingredients together until you form a smooth batter.

Leave to stand at room temp or 30 mins.

Pre heat oven to 190 degrees

Now you can get on with rest.  Put your sausages in the oven to allow them to brown off, but not too much.  As soon as they start to brown, remove them.

Put some oil in your roasting tin for the potatoes, place in the oven and allow to heat up while you get on with everything else.

Par boil your potatoes for around 5-6 mins

Drain the water and then shake the potatoes about in the pan to make them fluffy!

Place into your tray of hot oil, be care not to burn yourself!

Move all the potatoes around in the tin so they all have a covering of oil

Sprinkle with a generous helping of salt and pepper and add to the oven

About 20 mins into the potatoes cooking, pour the batter over the sausages and put in the oven also.

Leave to cook for around 30 mins, or until everything looks like it's ready!

Let me know if you give it a go!

L x
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