Review: Starz Bar Exeter

We had heard rave reviews about Starz Bar for their ribs and steaks.  I had been there once before but was on a diet and only had a salad (I know, why would you do that?).  I had a look at the menu online before going and for the first time in a long long time I really couldn't decide what I wanted because it all sounded so amazing!

We got there and were introduced to our really friendly waiter (I think he was called Alex?).  He showed us to our table and went through the menu, giving his personal recommendation, the ribs, and explained about how you can either build your own burger or choose one that they had designed or you could go for their "Starz Meaty Menagerie". It was the Starz Meaty Menagerie that Nick decided to go for. A half rack of ribs, steak strips, mild wicked chicken wings & two cheese & bacon potato skins served with seasoned spirals & Starz homemade coleslaw. A part of me wanted to try their ribs, but I find the act of eating ribs a little to carnivorous for me!  Because I am always banging on about how there s nowhere to get decent Mexican food, I decided to try their "Sizzlin' Fajitas".  The menu says "This is where the fun begins. Take a sizzling skillet with your choice of filling mixed with onions, peppers & mushrooms. Wrap in warm tortillas & add salsa, sour cream, guacamole, grated cheese & crisp shredded lettuce. Assemble & enjoy".  I went for steak and chicken, and to be that bit extra gluttonous, had some calamari on top!

This is my Fajita set up.  The meat didn't disappoint, and visually spectacular on it's sizzling plate.  The meat was all very tender and cooked to perfection. It is served with guacamole, cheese and sour cream.  This meant that you have total control to make the fajitas how you want!
My only criticism is that I was only given 4 wraps. This would normally be fine but the sheer amount of meat I was given meant the wrap to meat ratio was off.  As the wraps were quite small there was only so much meat that you could fit in.  This meant that in the end I piled up all my left over meat onto a plate, put all the other left over fillings on top and ate with a knife and fork!  Still delicious

This is Nick's Meaty Menagerie, the picture doesn't do the meal any justice at all!  A steak knife was provided, but wasn't needed as the rib meat simply fell of of the bones. Nick immediately ditched his cutlery and got stuck in with his bare hands. The chicken wings were sticky and delicious and the steak strips were rich with flavour.  All of this was served over a bed of curly fries.  Nick almost forgot that the coleslaw was there, leaving it until there was no more meat on his plate. The only thing left in his plate at the end were the potato skins. I tried one and they were a little bland.  Nick said he didn't want to fill himself up on unnecessary carb and not have enough room or the meat!

By the time that our meals arrived the restaurant had been filled up with about 4 different lots of Christmas Parties.  Probably our fault for deciding to go on a Saturday night so close to Christmas, but all of the drunken shouting, whooping and hollering made any chance of us being able to have a conversation with each other completely impossible. This is something that Starz can't really be blamed for, but we were sat right next to a table of 20 and I have never had some many people rub up against me when walking past!  Our waiter was very apologetic for the noise level and suggested that we could go to the cocktail bar for drinks after our meals and it would be quieter.

Overall the evening was good, the service was excellent and we enjoyed ourselves.  We just had to leave our conversations until we got home, but who wants to talk when you are filling your face with tasty food?  Less talking, more eating!

I will mark all my restaurant reviews out of 5 for the food, service and atmosphere.

Food ****  Service ***** Atmosphere **

You can find out more by visiting their website
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