Review: Moonbeams Farm Sausages

When I visited the Exeter Farmers Market for my blog, I met Jez from Moonbeams Farm.  He very kindly gave me some of his award winning Gloucester Old Spot sausages to try out for myself!

Moonbeams Farm is said to be Somerset's finest quality pork producer, farming naturally, ethically and 100% free range. “Farming with good old fashioned morals and ethics for a good old fashioned West Country Pig”. They offer a wide range of pork including belly, leg, loin, dry cured bacon, award winning sausages, gammon hams and pork boxes.  The Gloucester Old Spot pig is a rare breed and according to their website is very special and unique, giving exquisite flavour, superior texture and colour with the most super crunchy crackling.  They have won multiple awards, including "Best food Product of the Year 2013" for their sausages from Somerset's Life Magazine.

I couldn't wait to try the sausages!

I have always been very particular with my sausages, ever since I cooked up a gorgeous sausage casserole, gorgeous until I bit into a sausage that was mainly full of bone and gristle. It took me about a year to get over my fear of eating sausages, and definitely a lesson to learn about making sure that the sausages I eat are the best quality I can get.

Jez told me that the sausages are best oven cooked, so I decided to do them with some creamy mash and onion gravy.  Besides, I expect the flavour of these sausages to be too good to mix into a sausage casserole!

What can I say?  The sausages were absolutely glorious. The texture showed what a high meat content these sausages are. Such a rich, deep flavour and the perfect complement to my fluffy mash and onion gravy. There really is no comparison between these sausages and their supermarket counter part. Perfect balance between herbs and rich pork. These are the perfect winter warmer with mash, and I imagine that they would be equally as good on the BBQ,

For more information visit their website or pop down to Exeter Farmers Market every Thursday at the top of South Street.
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